he started in Denver and we met in Golden at the bike shop around 7:30am. Mt. Evans closed to motorized vehicles for the 2020 season. Mountain bikes are perfect if you want to explore the outdoors and take on more challenging terrain. A perfect day’s ride, the Mount Evans Loop offers some of the best riding in Colorado’s Rocky Mountains combined with great motorcycle places and interesting waypoints to explore along the way. Because of the many twists and turns the road takes as it zig-zags up the mountain, plan on the drive taking at least two to three hours each way. The ride that is talked about on the website is a … Evans is a 27.6 mi Road Cycling Route created by Peter Koch on April 30, 2015. Whether it’s a trail-ready hardtail mountain bike or an advanced full-suspension bike for more technical routes, we have Meeting for breakfast at the bicycle shop and then bused up to the top of Mt. Idaho Springs Historic District. Evans from Idaho Springs - A bike ride in Clear Creek County, CO. The Bob Cook Memorial Mt. I notice the altitude almost immediately, barely a kilometre after clipping in and setting off. Evans. Alex Evans’ Gear of the Year 2020. Mount Evans Bike Ride. it was a great morning and a … The 60-mile trip (one way) from downtown Denver to the 14,260-foot summit passes through five climate zones. The ride breaks up into two halves. A triple can go as far as 1 to 1. Route 103 (Squaw Pass) and Route 5 (Mt. I really enjoyed this mountain, and have been longing to return here and summit via my road bike. Idaho Springs Heritage Museum. Note: The following sequence of images, shot over a period of several years, are a compilation of photographs from several rides up the mountain and are not displayed in … Evans I proposed a trip up Mount Evans on the e-bikes to take advantage of the car-free roads (normally the road is packed with cars and tourists, but because of COVID the Forest Service closed the road to vehicles). Evans and Pikes Peak). Bikers. It has a maximum elevation gain of 2,069 meters. Then the last 14.5 miles are up CO Hwy 5 to the top. As Ross gazed longingly at the top of Pikes Peak on a June evening, he already had pedaled 15 hours, covered 165 miles and conquered Mount Evans. Evans. Senior Men 1-2-Pro 1:41:20 2004 Tom Danielson Senior Men 3 1:55:19 2005 David Hatch Senior Men 4 1:56:38 2004 David Hatch You can usethis link to reada detailed description of a Mount Evans ride that has quite a bit of overlapwith mine experience and impressions. Evans Hill Climb is an annual bicycle race starting in Idaho Springs, Colorado to the Summit of Mt. Cyclists typically start from either Idaho Springs or the Mount Evans Entrance station. Registration opens February 2021 Following the guide down the mountain you travel threw 4 different climate zones and make frequent stops to view the wildlife and fauna. Cycling Mt. The first 13.5 miles are up CO Hwy 103 to the permit station at Echo Lake. The first 7 miles are only about a 2-3% grade. I shifted into the rear gear (in my garage) at 5:55 a.m., and was backturning the car … . Due to issues associated with COVID-19, USDA Forest Service and Denver Mountain Parks will not be able to provide services for visitors on Mount Evans this summer, and the Mount Evans Highway (Colorado Highway 5) will not open to motorized vehicles for the 2020 season. I found this ride on MtEvans.com where it lists all sorts of statistics about the ride. The Bob Cook Memorial Mt. Mt. Evans is the 14th-tallest peak in Colorado. Evans Hill Climb is an iconic bicycle race and Gran Fondo that takes place on the highest paved road in North America, at 14,264 above sea level. Brendan talked me into riding from Golden to the top of Mt Evans today. Mt. Bob Cook holds the … Evans a couple of summers ago via an easy route (over mt Spalding from Summit Lake). If you run across some stereotypical Colorado summer afternoon weather (read: frightening), it’s unquestionably so. Road work is not expected to hamper cyclists on the winding, 14-mile stretch of road that climbs more than 3,600 feet to the summit at 14,264 feet. I came across some descriptions on the Internet about biking up the MountEvans, and that intrigued me a bit. MOUNT EVANS, COLORADO . Evans Hill climb. Evans- Summit Lake. From Denver, Mount Evans is closer, higher and cheaper than going to Pikes Peak. Mount Evans 5. Ride 27 miles gaining 6,740’ to 14,130’ at 4.5% average grade. Through the proceeds of the Hill Climb, Team Evergreen has been able to donate over $2.2 million to local non-profits that support our event. Evans: The highest paved road in North America. About the Ride: The Mount Evans Hill Climb is an arduous 28-mile bicycle race that ends on the highest paved road in the United States – 14,264 feet above sea level. Here at Evans Cycles you’ll find hundreds of amazing mountain bikes (MTB). Mitchell event. To mount a col like the Mount Evans climb it can, especially for novice cyclists, be recommended to opt for a "triple". At that time we were with some inexperienced hikers, and I wanted to give them an easy day. This event is the longest-running hill climb in the USA! Head up into MT Evans on the MT Evans highway/SR 5... one way trip is about 12 miles... round trip of course being about 24 miles. Event: Bob Cook Memorial Mt. If you plan to ride from Idaho Springs, it is recommended that you park your car in the Clear Creek Middle School parking lot that is on the south side of Hwy 103 just past the Clear Creek Ranger Station. The distance and elevation gain is about the same for both halves. At the Crest House. Offering countless dizzying hairpin turns, switchbacks, and high-speed sweepers, as well as some of the most scenic of the Rocky Mountain views, the Mount Evans Loop is a bucket list route for most motorcycle … This route is a must ride for any biker! RECORD HOLDERS PER CATEGORY. Mount Evans 4. but this is one of them. Make sure the chain runs always in a fairly straight line between the front and rear sprockets. Evans Road Entrance Sign. … Record Holders. #7 US MOST EPIC BIKE CLIMB. Mount Evans 6. When Levy did the ride last week, he saw a few other cyclists and a handful of “pretty hardy runners,” along with lots of wildlife. At the end of the ride which is at the bottom of the mountain you are bused to a nearby eatery that sits next … Mount Evans, Colorado ... It’s the leg-breaking highlight in the annual 102.7-mile Assault on Mt. A 2014 image of Mount Evans Road on the way to Summit Lake. he has never done a century (100mile bike ride) so he thought this would be a good time to do it! Evans Road) are popular with bicycle riders and make for a great bike ride! Mountain Goats. The Mount Evans climb is popular because the scenery is spectacular and there are not many bike rides that climb to 14,000 feet. Sign up for Strava to save this route and share it with your friends. ." Mt. (Provided by Colorado Department of Transportation) After a host of late spring snowfalls, the scenic Mount Evans Highway is … A long day in the bike saddle, for sure. A triple is a bike with 3 sprockets in front. Evans Road. Summit Parking. From The Summit. If you like the thrill of the Beartooth or the Trail ridge road, this one will make you forget them both! Register and learn more here: www.bicyclerace.com famous goats of Mt. The Bob Cook Memorial Mount Evans Hill Climb is presented by Team Evergreen Cycling, the largest and most charitable bike club in the state of Colorado. There are not many rides you will do where you can say, "This is the highest . Mt. ... grips can have a large effect on how a bike rides and feels. The ride starts at the middle school next to the visitor's center at I-70 exit 240 in Idaho Springs at about 7000' elevation. So, I decided to try it myself. There’s even an annual bike race from Idaho Springs to the summit, the Bob Cook Memorial Mount Evans Hill Climb. I summited the 14,264′ Mt. Mt. Last hairpin to the top. But in terms of climbs, to take on Mount Evans from base to summit, with all of its nearly 30 miles and 7,000 feet of climbing to over 14,127 feet above sea level, is an epic ride. There you are outfitted with extra clothes, helmets, and bikes. Route Distance: 28 miles . On top of that I felt it would be cool to have Optibikes summit two 14ers on the same day (Mt.

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