The above video may be from a third-party source. These questions are often verbal, but it can be valuable to have students write down answers to reinforce their understanding of how it impacts their reading. A reading comprehension on 'Twas the Night Before Christmas: 'Twas the week before the Christmas break and all through the school, teachers were looking for fun activities for their class to do!. A differentiated 10 question reading comprehension linked to the new KS2 Science curriculum. Test the reading and comprehension skills of your LKS2 children using these informative differentiated Romans reading comprehension sheets for KS2. A differentiated reading comprehension activity based on the poem 'Firework Night' by Enid Blyton. Feel free to remove the inference questions component to modify this assignment for struggling learners. Teach your year 3 and year 4 pupils about the mighty leader Boudicca using this great reading comprehension activity. This differentiated instruction worksheet will provide students with a guide in creating their own questions about a text of your choosing. Students will create seven comprehension questions and three inference questions. 3 dots = higher ability, 2 dots = middle ability, 1 dot = lower ability Differentiated with three levels of fact file and reading comprehension questions in each pack, this is the perfect set of guided reading or homework activities for all abilities. This bumper pack of Year 1 and Year 2 reading comprehension activities based on fictional texts will enhance and develop reading skills of your KS pupils. Other subjects ... A differentiated comprehension based on the artist Andy Goldsworthy. Each fact file provides key information about the size, population, climate and key places in South America. These sheets are differentiated in the language used in the questions and expectations of the level of inference. This lovely comprehension comes complete with three differentiated texts, as well as questions and answers and would be perfect for a guided reading activity. This industrial revolution comprehension activity is deal for use as a guided reading activity or as part of a research activity into Britain's history. Information retrieval – non-fiction - Challenge your KS2 pupils' reading comprehension skills with our range of activities based around inference, deduction and information retrieval. A great activity to use alongside a poetry unit, a fantastic guided reading task or useful homework activity. The comprehension comes complete with answers.Tags in this resource: fireworks-2.pngfireworks-1.png10-watching-fireworks.pngpage-10-ground-fireworks-and-catherine-wheel.pngfireworks.png You can use this lovely differentiated comprehension to introduce children to the continent of South America. This comprehension activity contains three differentiated texts, questions and answers. We accept … Introduce your class to the mythical story of King Midas and the golden touch from ancient Greece using this fantastic differentiated reading comprehension activity. The three-star text is perfect for stretching higher ability readers. Perfect for most children in LKS2, these fact files clearly and simply explain who Kamala is and what she is known for in a way that is easy for young children to understand. Teach your 7-9-year-old child about vice president-elect Kamala Harris by downloading these great, child-friendly fact files. Boudicca was an ancient British queen who fought against the Romans as they invaded Britain during the first century AD. This reading comprehension on the well-known poem is the perfect way to bring some Christmas fun to your KS2 English lessons.

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