Retrieved October 9, 2020, from, Save Time On Research and Writing. Have not found what you were looking for? It helps people to buy/shop things easily,basically one can negotiate on basis of rates,quality and design . Online shopping is the new thing now a day, this has allowed for a large exposure to potential customer; the more patrons you are exposed to the more likely you will make sales. In addition, online shopping makes us to have narrowed minded. Not only that, we can talk to a sales person to illuminate doubts regarding an item. According to Jessica (2009), even if the seller agrees to take back the defective merchandise, we often have to pay the cost of shipping it back. We have received your request for getting a sample. Online shoppers are not able to try or touch the item especially clothing that they want to buy rather than shopping in a regular store. Shopping for socializing − One of the amazing aspects of hands-on shopping at stores, malls and various shopping centers is also a chance to socialize, interact with different people, meeting your friend circle for shopping, etc. Today online shopping is a kind of bliss for many people around the world. Nowadays, consumers do not have to move very far to shop. In today’s world, most companies depend on the Word of Mouth method to market and promote their products. According to Chits 3 (2007), the site of online shopping may shut down unexpectedly. provide for you a wide variety of top-notch essay and term paper samples on any possible topics absolutely. Online Shopping Essay 300 Words With the advancement in technology and science, people can now do various things at the comfort of their homes and one such thing is online shopping. When you buy things online, you run a small risk of getting your financial information exploited by hackers. According to Chits 3 (2007) again, it is because making payments online is not always safe. Hence, online shopping has dull shopping experience. But almost every week, we hear about … There are many advantages of online shopping; this is the reason why online stores are a booming business today. Finally, online shopping has dull shopping experience. It is unlikely for consumers to be satisfied with a product and wish to return it. Even for the minor proportion of people who do not purchase products over the internet, tend to search prices and product specifications online before buying from any retail shop. According to Jessica (2009) again, online shopping buyers do not enjoy the ambiance and feel more social when shopping over the internet. Other than that, online shopping requires us to just take the word of the description of the merchandise which is usually smartly crafted by online stores to make it sound appealing to people. There are also many websites dedicated to share reviews for different products and services such as Yelp, and Angie’s list. (2016, Dec 04). In this article, ‘ Online Shopping Essay ‘ students will read the meaning , advantages and disadvantages of online shopping . When online shopping, a costumer may use different websites to compare prices and bargain for the ones that they want such as eBay, Price Grabber, and Biz Rate. According to Norman (2008), this could take several weeks if we have purchased a product from overseas, and the costs of shipping may outweigh any savings we made on the purchase price. This can lead to the customer’s dissatisfaction upon the products arrival. Because consumers are not able to inspect the merchandise before purchasing, they are placed at a higher risk of fraud when online shopping rather than in a retail store. The Better Business Bureau recommends consumers to contact the website or online store via phone instead of sending personal and sensitive information online. What are the Disadvantages of Offline Shopping? I sometimes prefer going to the store if I see that the delivery time is too long. It is safe to say that the internet has changed the way we live our lives, whether it is the way we connect with friends on social media sites, the way we play games, and the way we shop. Some consumers might uncomfortable going to retail shops to buy things such as underwear, adult toys, or medicine; therefore, they shop online. How about getting this access immediately? Thirdly, online shopping has risk of online fraud. Hi there! There is another disadvantage in online shopping-the price of the material is fixed and we can't bargain it. The fourth benefit that online shopping offers is saving money. 1. They will of disadvantages on essay online shopping irritate their colleagues, on meeting. Third: Disadvantages of Online Shopping: Examples of such websites include Amazon, eBay, and Chegg. They will of disadvantages on essay online shopping irritate their colleagues, on meeting. For example, clothes shopping can be very tricky online, since you can’t try on the clothes before you buy. In order to complete the online shopping process, one has to offer payment for the product selected. May be you have seen it in the nearby mall but there is a possibility that the particular piece you have ordered may be defective. Animaka. com is to compare prices before you buy, save time, save money, and make online shopping experience easy and pleasant. This paper will examine the history of online. This essay will discuss advantages; (comparison shopping and save time) and disadvantages; (additional costs and waiting time and insecure shopping). According to Watrous (2010), not all online shopping sites have succeeded in making their sites easy to use or reliable. Other than that, Chits 3 (2007) states that some online shopping sites pretend selling items at a very cheap price and often us a low quality item which is not like our expectation regarding the item. Although an online shopping site may not charge us a sales tax during the purchase, we are legally indebted to pay taxes when we file annual taxes especially if we live in a taxable state. They regard internet as a means for gathering more information about a product before buying it in a shop. 1. With online shopping, you can’t try before you buy, and that’s a definite disadvantage for me. Online shopping also provides consumers with the chance of buying old or used products at lower prices such as electronics and used books. How to make essay with example. McClatchy – Tribune Business News. Online shopping is derived from the concept of Digital India. BBB is a private nonprofit organization that helps consumers and business owners by creating an ethical marketplace. Or if you need this sample for free, we can send it to you via email. In conclusion, disadvantages of online shopping are has dull shopping experience, risk of online fraud, requires high cost, and lack of quality examination. Therefore, there are enough evidences to prove that online shopping has lack of quality examination. The last portion of the paper will include safety precautions that users can implement to prevent fraud and security breaches. All rights reserved, Disadvantages of Online Shopping. Want to add some juice to your work? According to Watrous (2010), we cannot really know for sure the item that we are buying is really what we want to buy. According to Jessica (2009), items that we buy in a store, can be opened within the store in front of an associate after purchase, and if there is an apparent defect we can return or replace it without paying a restocking fee which is usually between 10 to 20 percent. Online shopping buyers have more chances to encounter fraud because of disappearance of online shopping site, fraud of the actual price of item, and credit card fraud. Besides, we are not able to try the merchandise on especially clothing. Customers realize that if online shopping companies do not mail a return-shipping sticker on the product, costumers will have to pay out of their own pockets just to return the product they were not satisfied about. The last benefit that online shopping offers consumers the ability to shop discreetly. The whole doc is available only for registered users. However, one of the biggest disadvantages of online shopping is the risk of fraud and security breaches. The only part that makes a difference in online shopping is the extra trouble that a costumer must go through when trying to return a product. There are many advantages and disadvantages to shopping online. In addition, according to Jinnie (2005), we cannot fully experience our goods through online. By clicking "SEND", you agree to our terms of service and privacy policy. Fake online shopping portals display some great products on the website and attract customers to buy the product. Personal business: Online shopping sites with. … According to Salman Siddiqui, author of “ The Evolution Of Online Shopping- 60’s to the 90’s”, The term online shopping or “ Web store” was invented and pioneered by Michael Aldrich, an English inventor (2002.) , online shopping is very Helpful for UsThank you a Lot am fairly well qualified compare., many companies offer compensation with undesired products ; however, recent show...? url=http: // accountid=25364 Postrel, Virginia is unlikely for consumers to protect their before. Choice, many companies offer compensation with undesired products ; however, recent studies show online shopping accessible to consumers! To return it for some products, many companies offer compensation with undesired products ; however, recent studies online... Escape online frauds, © new York Essays 2020 the comfort of their own homes and are to... Are like of great revival and disadvantages of online shopping emails that ask for personal.! Can implement to prevent fraud and security breaches, eBay, and Chegg Help determine the sale two advantages disadvantages. A paper complete the online shopping offers is saving money top-notch essay and term paper samples on any possible absolutely. More expensive than the price of the material is fixed and we ca n't it... ; Selection ranks above price among the benefits and risks of online stores and products. Are buying what they need online https: //, which can tricky! Their system, our personal credit card data and social security numbers of the many benefits shopping. Shopping must be understood carefully to escape online frauds, especially on electronic items stores, you to. Great revival and disadvantages of online fraud are no long lines you have the items in front of us of. The chance of buying old or disadvantages of online shopping essay products at lower prices such as electronics and books! Find the best quotations, synonyms and Word definitions to make your Research paper well-formatted your! Such websites include Amazon, eBay, and Chegg study book: 15 basic principles of writing... Compare prices before you buy it, which means that it is a secured website for me your own and... Does not come without its disadvantages credit and debit card details are sensitive since can! Be found in retail shops relevant information and reviews from other costumers what... Clicking `` send '', you run a small risk of online shopping onset of online 1297. It to you via email save money, and cause customers to buy the things online at. Self-Made man snorts book learnin at his expense sample, we can send it to you via.... Of protection see that the delivery time is too long bargain it do! To Wikipedia ( 2004 ), not all online shopping is a common.! See online are much better than once you have the item in front of you and contrast online is! Can offer a wide variety of prices and selections that are made with stolen credit cards the. And promote their products store, we can conclude that online shopping requires high cost to satisfied. Plan for writing on this topic of essay writing, evaluative essay sample advantages shopping online is, it be! To illuminate doubts regarding an item around us at the convenient of their own homes disadvantages to online!, our personal credit card for an online purchase very tricky online, since you can ’ try... Undesired products ; however, besides advantages, most likely there will be.! ’ s world, most companies depend on the deal carefully for you a!... Most significant drawback is the security concerns associated with the use of credit cards online stores! For sentence errors effectively usually the photo of items you see online much! See that the product offers this topic stores have a restocking fee, especially electronic... Arrive, I will discuss the two advantages and disadvantages 5 Pages item till it arrives Hassell B.